Hands Closing

A few years ago we had the good fortune to discover a really small and quirky niche culture here in the UK. The world of British Jump Rope. A sport very embedded in American culture, Jump Rope has a suprisingly massive subculture here in Britain with groups across the country and multiple national tournaments that kids from as young as 6 onwards regularly compete in. At one such national championship where we were invited to film, we had the pleasure of meeting Connor. Connor at the time was a young 18 year old kid about to make the jump from High School to University. He was a fairly shy and introverted kid when we first met him in Glasgow at the Nationals, but as soon as he stepped up for his go with the rope, he completely transformed. He is one of the countries youngest champs and has competed all over the world in Jump Rope. We were completely blown away by his energy and skills and decided we needed to shoot something just for him. 

With an amazing team, we wrote this film for a friends music label. Frere is a new creative artist and this song, 'Hands Closing' had something about it that reminded us of the rhythm we had seen in these young Jump Rope champions... While it doesn't have the reputation of other high energy athletic sports, the kids who compete in Jump Rope train for months on end. Whether its alone in the sports hall before class, on the street or in local teams - there is a beautiful passion that fuels this quirky little sport. 


Director - Sam Robinson
Art Director - Amy Fletcher
DOP - Chris Dodds
Music - Frere
Editing - Benji Gerstein
VFX - Studio Rokabye
Retouching - The Laundry Room